“Wonderful Experience with Wonderful People in a Wonderful City”


The UGRAD students from Serbia and Montenegro came to Washington, DC for their Mid-Program Workshop from February 5-8. They participated in team-building activities, created project plans for their communities, and attended skill-building workshops on topics such as leadership, professional networking, public speaking, advocacy, resource mobilization, and proposal writing. Along with learning skills for their internships and careers, they also had a chance to visit to Google, the U.S. Department of State, National Geographic Society, Bodysmith Gym, National Public Radio, Gensler, PerCredo, and National Science Foundation. The UGRAD students also toured the U.S. Capitol Building, visited the National Gallery of Art, and saw the White House as well as memorials on the National Mall. Zeljka Cirakovic of Montenegro, summarized her time at the workshop as a “wonderful experience with wonderful people in a wonderful city.”

Read on to hear more about our students’ experiences in DC!

Skill Building Session

“This was an amazing workshop that I thoroughly enjoyed and I really feel like I learned a lot. It inspired me to go through with a project I had in mind and now I know how to write a project proposal properly.” – Anja Djurdjanovic, Serbia

“I find communication and networking as the most important things I experienced during these workshops. On one hand, I have met some incredible young people from my region with whom I plan to work and remain friends in the future. On the other hand, I met important people from the State Department who are dealing with my country and youth helping them develop and experience other cultures.” – Andjela Micanovic, Montenegro

Washington Monument

“Hearing about other people and their experiences, plans and dreams, I’ve got even more motivation for doing great things in my life. Life is short and we should not wait for opportunities to show up but actually look for them and even create them.” – Azra Hasanbegovic, Serbia

“Our professional visit to the National Geographic Society was very interesting and helpful. It gave me a new perspective to consider when I think about my future career.” – Katarina Mitrovic, Serbia

UGRADs at the White House

“Discussions we had during the workshop sparked the idea for the projects I wish to start in my hometown. Activities we had helped me strengthen not only my leadership skills, but also learn how to work as a team member. I am looking forward to applying those skills outside the classroom.” – Jovana Daljevic, Serbia

“I will definitely give my best to be a good leader for a group of people in my country, to try to change their views and beliefs, make them more tolerant and make the environment in the community more enjoyable.” – Milena Nikolic, Montenegro

“I am glad that I have been a part of this year’s amazing Mid-Year Workshop. All World Learning staff did an amazing job. We felt comfortable to express our thought and feelings, we had chance to enjoy DC and improve our skills. Thank you!” – Radovan Cvorovic, Montenegro

All photos featured in this blog were taken by Djordje Vidojevic, Serbia. Djordje is studying Graphic Design at California State University at Monterey Bay. For more pictures of the Mid-Program Workshop, please visit our Flickr album!

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For more pictures of the Mid-Program Workshop, please visit our Flickr album!

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