Mission: Internship

In ‘Mission: Impossible’, Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) is asked to complete a brave assignment. Our hero takes on each challenge and succeeds, despite the immense obstacles that threatened to discourage him. Inspired by Hunt’s determination, World Learning has crowned November our month of ‘Mission: Internship’.

While we are taking on a similar name to the film, that is where the similarities end. Not only is our mission very possible, it is also a well-supported journey. Throughout the month of November, UGRAD staff at World Learning will share tips and assign exercises to help academic year students secure spring internships related to their fields of study.

‘Mission: Internship’ begins with the challenge of drafting a strong resume and culminates with mock interviews. In the latter, UGRAD participants will have the opportunity to practice presenting themselves to World Learning staff members who will play the roles of potential internship interviewers.

Professional internships are a key component of the UGRAD program for academic year students, and the World Learning staff is confident that participants will enter Winter Break well on their ways to securing amazing opportunities. Mission: Accomplished.


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