World Learning Student Portal

With the start of the new academic year we would like to re-introduce the World Learning Student Portal. The portal is an online website that houses all of the required program materials and forms that World Learning requires the UGRAD students to access or submit. The portal was successfully introduced to UGRAD students last year, and has been expanded this year to cover more forms and functions. New Picture

All UGRAD students will create an account and be able to independently submit required program documents rather than sending them by email. This will significantly reduce the amount of time international student advisers spend scanning forms and as well as reduce the workload of World Learning staff.

The forms that can be found on the student portal include all academic progress reports, travel information forms and the community service/internship proposals and reports. In addition, students will use the student portal to schedule monitoring calls with their World Learning program team. Each UGRAD has received instructions on how to create an account, access the forms, and schedule Skype calls. If students are having trouble accessing the portal or creating an account please refer them to their World Learning Program team.

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