Alumni updates – Serbia

kirstinaKristina Koprivica graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Novi Sad with a degree in Journalism in 2013. As a 2010-11 Global UGRAD alum at the University of Maine, Kristina reflects on how much she has grown, both professionally and academically, during her time in the U.S. She wants to work in a field related to journalism, where she can “educate others on topics related to journalism and [the] media.”

After graduating from the University of Novi Sad, Kristina worked at Novi Sad School of Journalism, a nonprofit organization that focuses on public advocacy in human rights promotion and democratic reforms, as well as educating media professionals.  Currently, Kristina is the Project Coordinator for “A-cop”, a program focused on engaging civil society in the fight against corruption in the police force. She analyzes case studies and proposes mechanisms which would help eliminate corruption and raise public awareness about the issue. Kristina also works as an Assistant Coordinator on a project that advocates against corruption in the field of agriculture called “AgrarCor”.  In addition, she not only lectures in a seminar on media literacy and the media’s influence on education, she also volunteers at American Corner in Novi Sad, where she received an Appreciation Award in 2012.

In her free time, Kristina enjoys photography. She and a friend created a web page called “Novosadjani” (People of Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina, Serbian province), a local version of the worldwide phenomenon “Humans of New York”. Kristina takes photos of people and tells their stories on Novosadjani. She believes that each person has qualities and stories that separate them from everyone else, and her goal is to share their unique stories. Kristina’s goal of meeting people and and sharing their stories is a direct result from her experiences in the U.S. She states that she “met a large number of wonderful people” on the UGRAD Program and believes that this is “the most valuable experience from the USA.”

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