2014 March Madness

March Madness is upon us! During this once-a-year craze that grips the nation, millions of people watch in earnest as their college basketball teams battle it out on the court. In the end, however, there can only be one! Officially, it is called “NCAA Men’s (or Women’s) Division 1 Basketball Championship”, but most refer to it colloquially as March Madness.

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March Madness is a college basketball tournament of giant proportions. The year, it kicked off on March 18th and continues through April 7th & 8th when a National Champion for the men’s and women’s division are crowned. A total of 68 teams compete for the top spot, and what makes this tournament so dramatic is that it’s single-elimination. It’s simple: if you lose, you’re out. There are no second chances; there are no re-dos.

Courtesy of jemsbasketball.org
Courtesy of jemsbasketball.org

With the tournament underway, you may be sensing the momentum on campus. However, the excitement extends far beyond a college or university. People of all ages tune in during these games, many of them supporting their Alma maters. Alas, mine has already been eliminated, but many of World Learning staff members still have their teams in the mix.

Who will be the 2014 National Champions? Last year it was the University of Louisville for men and the University of Connecticut for women.

One reason this tournament is such a spectacle in the United States is because of its longevity. This championship was founded in 1939, or 75 years ago! With such a legacy behind it, it has had quite some time to become the sporting event that it is today. It also helps that Basketball, a sport invented and cultivated in the United States, has been around for over 120 years!

So what about you? Is your university or College playing in March Madness? Do you think they will win?

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