UGRAD New Year's Resolutions

On the East Coast this year, we were affected by Snowstorm Janus.  In Roman Mythology, Janus was the God of Beginnings and Transitions.  He is depicted with two heads as he looks toward the future and the past. In honor of Janus, January is a month to set resolutions and embark on new beginnings. We asked UGRADers to send us their New Year’s resolutions and below is a sampling of what we received.

Aloi Renz Santos Photo“I have four goals while I am here and ALOI is the answer. First on my list is to discover America and its culture. Learning from your own culture is wonderful but learning another culture is much more wonderful.  Second, I want to Learn the English language. As an aspiring lawyer back home it is a must for me to be good in English.  Third, I am afraid of being alone this year, and I want to Overcome that weakness and other fears. Lastly I want to Improve holistically, improve my self-confidence, English skills, and knowledge about laws, cases and jurisdictions in the U.S. that I would find relevant in Philippine legal studies. ”  – Aloi Renz Santos, Philippines, University of Tennessee, Knoxville  

“One of my New Year’s resolutions is to improve my English as much as I can. I also hope to gain as much knowledge as possible from American University, which is considered as one of the famous International Studies Schools in the U.S. I would like to build my connections with  International Studies students here since they will also be in my field of work in the future. All of these will be very beneficial for my future career.” – Sirodom Koonyotying, Thailand, American University

“As my time in the U.S. runs out, I want to spend the next three months experiencing America to the fullest. First of all, I hope to get a great internship opportunity, preferably as a writer/editor or a teaching assistant. Second, I will try to participate in more activities at the Bennion Center because I want to dedicate more of my time giving back to the community. Third, since Utah has the greatest snow on earth (that’s what they say), I really want to try snowboarding or skiing. My long-term goals after going back to my country are to inspire my people by sharing my experiences and stories about the U.S., do more community service, and perhaps start a blog.” – Rizki Permatasari, Indonesia, University of Utah

“I hope that my UGRAD journey will help me unravel and construct my ‘imagined community’ where real public policies are in place in my home country so that a glass of milk and loaves of bread can be brought to the poorest of the poor’s table. This experience is a New Year’s resolution for me. It is a privilege I accepted wholeheartedly. The environment which I come from – a stable and supportive family, good education, liberal expression of thoughts and tolerance – has allowed me to participate in this program in which most of my fellow Filipinos cannot because of their hapless situation.”  – Christian Pasion, Philippines, American University

Desi with mascot“Looking back at 2013, there are many things that I have done because of this scholarship. I met many people from around the world, tasted different foods from many countries, traveled to places in the United States, and became involved in activities that I have never tried before. During the next three months, I will maintain and improve upon what I have achieved in the last semester; maintain good academic standing, get involved in community service and student activities, and get to know more American and international friends. My long term goal has never changed: continuing my graduate study abroad. As I started this year with many goals, there should be enough hope and power to make them happen.” – Desi Rahayu, Indonesia, Illinois State University

“My plan for 2014 is quite simple. I hope everything will be the best and I will also try my best in everything, but I am not quite sure what that everything will be. We can never know what will happen in our future so we can only hope for the best and wait for things to happen. I believe that even if I am trying very hard it doesn’t mean I am going to get everything I want. My ultimate goal is happiness. I do wish I could bring happiness to others by performing social work. My New Year’s resolution is nothing grand or big but as simple as me being happy and making others happy.” – Soe Pa Pa Khaing, Burma, Snow College

“It is ‘funny’ how people are busy making and talking about resolutions for the upcoming year but forgetting what they have promised just a week after the New Year festivities. Well, I am also a part of those people so that is why I put quotation marks around the word funny. However, this time is different. The boat of tardiness has sailed from my life’s pier. I am now in the land of dreams – the United States – and I must start the beginning of this year with great resolutions.  My first – long lost – resolution is to be healthy. Humboldt State University has provided the students healthy choices hence there is no reason for me not to be healthy here.  I hope that I can bring the habit of living a healthy life back home with me.  Another resolution of mine is to visit Los Angeles and New York City. These cities have defined my perception toward the USA and the English language since I was introduced to movies and internet. I am in love with them! To sum up, some resolutions of an ordinary kid – from a developing country – are about to come true.”

– Dery Rovino, Indonesia, Humboldt State University

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