Alumni Updates: Nicaragua, and Honduras


Cinthya Collado Huembes (2012-13) who attended Presbyterian College as a UGRADer recently graduated from the University of Central America in El Salvador with a degree in Economics. She is also studying for a certificate in Leadership and Political Management and volunteering for a project called the Women Entrepreneurship Training Program. In this project she teaches life and entrepreneurial skills to a group of 25 women. In addition to her other work she is also interning at the Interamerican program of judicial facilitators from the Organization of American States in Nicaragua.

Cinthya and Eneyda with their AEI project “Girls Can Change the World”


Aside from her many other activities, Cinthya is  currently participating in World Learning’s Alumni Engagement Initiative and is coordinating a project called “Girls Can Change the World” with former Missouri State University UGRADer Eneyda Levia (2012-13).  Their project was one of the seven winning 2013 proposals, and is focused on training, preparing and empowering 25 adolescent girls from a shelter house in Managua, Nicaragua to take a good control of their future and lead change in society. Eneyda recently started an accounting internship and also joined an international Christian organization called “Chi Alpha”, which works with college students to do volunteering activities to help the community, specifically children with special needs.

Itza Hernandez with a portion of her thesis work

Itza Alejandra Hernández Sequeira (2012-13) who attended Austin College while on the UGRAD program is currently working on her thesis at the Universidad Nacional Agraria.

Guillermo Moreno Perez (2012-13) University of Wyoming continues to remain active with the U.S. Embassy in Managua, advising students on the UGRAD program and also volunteering in his local community.


Eimeel Castillo (2008-09) graduated with a degree in history in 2010, and has since been working as a research assistant for a website that promotes free access to digitized historical collections from Central America. Last year she started teaching History at a local university level and this year wrote an article about the ongoing changes within the Nicaraguan revolution as a topic in history textbooks for primary education. Moreover, her experience as an exchange student has motivated her to be a mentor for College Horizons, a high-school students program that offers scholarships to students who wants to learn English as a second language. This program is administered by the U.S. Embassy in Managua.

Cristina Massiel García Díaz (2011-12) recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and started working at the Housing Institute of Nicaragua as verifier of income for housing projects.



Issis Castro (Snow College, 2012-13), Ingrid Estrada (East Tennessee State University,2012-13), and Jancarlos Montoya (Illinois State University, 2012-13) have started working at a Developmental & Rehab Center for children and teenagers who were previously involved in gangs. At this center they use education, art, and sports to help the children heal. Issis and Ingrid have applied for a Fulbright Program alumni contest through LASPAU using the model of the Development and Rehab Center as a starting point for their own project. Scarlet Subillaga (Juniata College, 2012-13), Dania Castillo (Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2012-13), Juancarlos, and Ingrid are all finishing their undergraduate degrees and are teaching in local high-schools before they graduate in May. Anibal Rodriguez (Missouri State University, 2012-13) has been putting his passion for photography in action recently and is also taking tourism classes in his hometown. The Honduran UGRADers have been doing a wonderful job keeping in touch and ensuring that whenever they have events as many UGRADers as possible attend. They are excitedly planning events in Honduras that revolve around community service and a few are even working or volunteering at the U.S. Embassy.


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