Packing Like a Pro

Let’s be honest, no one likes packing.

Nevertheless, UGRAD students, the time has come and we want to help make the process as smooth as possible. Many of you are going home with more than you came with.

Here are tips to ensure all your precious cargo makes it.Packing Photo

  1. Make a list. Start now – It may seem early, but get the ball rolling by writing down things you could easily forget. For example: laptop charger, books you let your friend borrow, anything hidden under your bed.
  2. Know the Rules – Learn the baggage rules for the airlines you will be flying. Know what is considered a carry-on and what is considered a checked bag. Know the weight limits.
  3. Roll, don’t fold – Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them and fitting them into your suitcase. This takes less space and reduces wrinkles.
  4. Pack Souvenirs for Friends – Pack small gifts for your friends back home. They will be grateful to know you did not forget about them while you were adventuring across the United States.
  5. Pack Mementos for Yourself –Take home items that will remind you of this time abroad. These tokens will help you share experiences with friends as you describe where you bought them and the stories connected with them.
  6. Collect Important Documents – From your passport to your National ID, make sure you have all important documents in your carry-on. It is also a good idea to make a copy of your passport to put in your checked baggage.
  7. Consider Shipments – If there’s absolutely no way to fit all your goodies in your suitcase, check out these sites for shipping information and costs: USPS postage price calculator and International Shipments.
  8. Follow UGRAD Instructions – If you have not yet, you will soon speak with your World Learning advisors about departure preparations. Make sure all paperwork is submitted before you leave, including Internship and Community Service Reports.

One final tip: Take photos of things you see every day like your dorm room, the path to your dorm, the building where you have classes and the nature around campus. These “normal” details will no longer be “normal” back home and can remind you of life in the United States.

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