UGRAD Alumni Innovate in DC

Panamanian UGRAD Alumni Denisse Gonzalez (University of Wyoming 2011) and Franklin Gomez (University of Missouri-Columbia 2010) are in Washington, D.C. this fall as participants in The U.S. – Panama Innovation and Competitiveness Program.  This honors program is funded by the Panamanian government in cooperation with The Washington Center in Washington, DC and aims to promote local leadership through the ideals of responsible public service. Participants work in different organizations and have the opportunity to interact with policy makers from around the world.  Denisse is honing her environmental conservation skills by interning with The Sierra Club, while Franklin is becoming a more formidable entrepreneur through his work with local businesses.

Denisse Gonzalez (second from left) at Yellowstone National Park in 2011
Franklin Gomez at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2010













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