New Team Member Announcement

Global UGRAD is excited to announce a new addition to our team! On April 18th, Michelle Bolourchi joined as the Program Manager:

“I grew up in a bicultural household where my interest in international education and languages blossomed. My first time living abroad was during my junior year in college when I had the opportunity to study in Germany. I’m originally from Long Beach, California, so you can imagine what a difference it was for me to live in northern Germany where it rained for most of the year. Nevertheless, aside from improving my German, I was able to learn how to ride a bicycle while holding an umbrella! That came in handy when I returned as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Germany after I graduated. Since then, I have studied in South Africa and India and traveled extensively for work and fun. While I lived in India, I recruited students for NYU Abu Dhabi. I worked for the Fulbright Program when I moved to Washington, DC. In addition to my BA in International Studies and German, I completed an MA in Global Studies from Germany and an MPhil in Sociology of Education from India. I’m excited to be a part of the Global UGRAD team and look forward to meeting talented students from around the world.”