Spring Break Snapshots

Our Global UGRAD participants took a break from their studies to explore the United States, engage in cultural exchange activities, and enhance their understanding of the U.S. Here, they share some of their spring break experiences.

Dani Suptra, Griffith Observatory

“I played a lot of video games growing up, including the GTA San Andreas and the GTA V. Those video games feature a lot of places in Los Angeles, so I decided to go to L.A. for spring break. When I went to the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I know this place! I visited it with my Maserati in GTA!’ I felt emotional visiting these different sites, which I could only imagine as a child.” -Dani Saputra, Indonesia, Colorado State University

“Washington D.C. is an awesome city. I have been there many times before since Wilson College is only two hours from there. This time, I had the chance to explore a little bit more. I decided to visit the International Spy Museum. I am a big fan of the study of criminology and having been there was like a dream. They had authentic artifacts from famous F.B.I. cases, previous governments around the world, and so on. This was an incredible experience.

Oscar Mendieta, International Spy Museum

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is also a great spot to visit. I love folk art and all the different forms artists use to expose their artistic skills to the world, and I was absolutely captured by the spirit of this place. The creator used a very interesting way to recycle all types of things that people tend to consider trash, such as ceramics, broken bricks, glass, and bottles, to create a completely new artistic masterpiece. It was a cool experience.” -Oscar Mendieta, Nicaragua, Wilson College

Chanakan Wichit, Universal Studio Hollywood

“For this spring break, I had a chance to visit Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities that I had always dreamed of visiting. I went to Crypto Arena, home of Los Angeles Lakers, my most beloved basketball team of all time! It was a dream come true to visit and watch a game here. The next spot was Universal Studio Hollywood. I was super happy to be a Hogwarts student for a day! The castle was stunning, and I had got on a ride inside the castle. Apart from these attractions, I also went to Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, Beverly Hills, and Thai town in downtown. By the way, it’s the largest Thai town in the United States!

In San Francisco, I went to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. I also had a chance to visit de Young museum located at the park. It’s an art museum with art from different parts of the world. As a museum lover, I highly recommend you visit this place.” -Chanakan Wichit, Thailand, Western Washington University

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