Halloween with Global UGRAD

To celebrate the Halloween holiday, we asked the Global UGRAD participants to send us pictures from their Halloween experiences. There were a lot of festive and spooky pumpkins, and some lovely costumes. Some of the students had never carved a pumpkin or gone trick-or-treating before, and it was nice to see them experience some firsts!

Halloween Costumes

“For Halloween, the City of Lake Charles partnered with Prien Lake Mall and United Way of Southwest Louisiana to teach and help kids decorate cookies, paint, organize games and other activities. I dressed up as Waldo (from Where’s Waldo) and interacted with kids through games and activities and gave out candies. It was fun seeing the community come “alive” for Halloween. I also had a good time because kids would come up to me and enthusiastically say “I found Waldo!” or “Waldo’s right here!” I hit two birds with one stone through this activity: fulfill hours for community service and enjoy Halloween!”

Virgilio Adaptar, Philippines, McNeese State University


Aung stands with arms out in front of a small rocket in a space suit

“I was wearing spacesuit for a trunk-or-treat event organized by West Virginia University Experimental Rocketry. The fact is that’s my first time wearing costume and really love it (this photo is a proof how happy I am wearing this suit). At first I was thinking of making outfit by myself since most of my friends were making their outfits by themselves, and I have some sort of experience with that. But, I didn’t make it, I ordered it from online.  In relation to the event, I was shocked that they organized really big social events, and I met a lot of kids who potentially want to be future astronauts.” – Aung Khant Ko, Burma, West Virginia University




Amanda Ibuki (Paraguay) and her roommate dressed as Napolean Dynamite and Pedro.
Thoun Aung (Burma) dressed as a ghost with sunglasses.


Pumpkin Carving Fun


Three people sit at a table and hold up their carved pumpkins
Rustam Temirov (Uzbekistan) carving pumpkins for the first time with other international students in a university event.


Poopay Thidalat (Laos) with pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.


A group of students (around 15) all wearing masks hold up their painted pumpkins
Hiep Ng (Vietnam) taking a photo with the Asian American Association.








Dennis Mendez (El Salvador) holding a carved pumpkin.



Mamee Nanongvanh (Laos) and two friends holding up their carved pumpkins.