Global UGRAD Website Redesign

This year, the Global UGRAD interactive website was redesigned with updated information and stories to give a better glimpse of the program’s goals and impact. Since 2008, World Learning has worked with over 2,500 college students and facilitated their exchange in the United States. Through our “Alumni Voices” and “Global UGRADs in the News” sections, you’ll be able to read the experiences of students from around the globe during their semesters and what they’ve accomplished since completing the program!

Our website now also provides helpful links for additional information for students and host institutions. Here you will be able to find out more about participating countries/locales, eligibility requirements, and how to apply. While the application for the 2021-2022 academic year is currently delayed, please check back frequently on our website, Facebook, or Twitter pages for when it will be released!

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