Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at St. Cloud State University

Since the beginning of the semester I have had the opportunity to get involved in different activities that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is something that fills me with joy and pride, because I firmly believe in the development of societies through understanding, inclusion, and teamwork.

Recently, I was an ambassador at the Power in Diversity two-day conference, where I delivered a speech. It was a beautiful opportunity to receive leadership tools and learn about different social situations that require the attention of all people, regardless of their identity. I also have attended meetings of different international student organizations, such as Latin American and African American students organizations. Last weekend I went to the cultural night of Latin America, where I was able to collaborate by taking some photos and helping in the collection of images in one of the videos that were presented that night. Last night I received a message from a Program Coordinator of St. Cloud State University that caused me lot of enthusiasm, in which I was asked to participate as a master of ceremonies in Journey Across the World, the biggest cultural event of St Cloud State University that will take place at the end of March at the Paramount Theater.

My mission now is to attend events of the Women Center and the LGBT Resource Center as well, with the intention of understanding better and getting involved in the initiatives that I have already been able to understand in a more excellent manner through the Race and Gender in the U.S. class, for which I never get tired of expressing my admiration.

All these experiences have deeply nourished me. I have become more connected with myself, my nation, and neighboring and distant countries. I have found similarities and differences between my home culture and my current environment that I never thought existed. I have learned about the different barriers that people struggle with all around the world, and the way they manage to get ahead and grow individually and, moreover, as a society. Of course, growing as a person helps me to grow as a professional, too. The different experiences that I have accumulated so far have inspired me a lot in the short films I make, and filled me with ideas for future projects.

It’s inspiring, it’s beautiful, and I love it.

Written by Camila Jacobo at St. Cloud State University

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