Spotlight on the Global UGRAD OPAL Course: Self-Care

As the academic year is coming to a close, this semester’s Global UGRAD participants are diligently working on their final papers and exams. In order to manage moments of high stress and other challenges that accompany being away from home, it is important to know how to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Through the program’s Online Professional and Academic Learning (OPAL) course, students are able to understand and develop necessary skills to fully take advantage of their time in the U.S., such as implementing a plan of self-care. In OPAL Module Four, students anticipated what obstacles they would face before arriving at their host universities and how they would leverage their skills or resources to overcome these challenges.

In recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, please read below some of the ways the Global UGRAD students planned and practiced self-care this year.

My Self-Care Plan

Responses collected from multiple Global UGRAD participants