Summer Camp America in Tajikistan

For the past three years, I spent my summer doing my favorite job: working with kids at Summer Camp America. This year, Summer Camp America was different. The application was open just for U.S. Government (USG)-sponsored programs alumni. Luckily, this year, I became a Global UGRAD alum and was accepted to participate. This year’s Summer Camp was in Sarband and Khovaling, Tajikistan. At Summer Camp America, we had activities in English, Art, Sports, Team Building, and Drama. We had 80 kids per camp and I worked as an activity coordinator for 5 camps. I was able to facilitate different classes, such as sports, art, and drama. During my activities and games, it always made me happy and proud whenever I saw kids enjoying their time and working as a team. Global UGRAD gave me the opportunity to share my U.S. experience and knowledge with these sweet kids. Moreover, at Camp, I made new friends with other USG program alumni. I am very grateful to Global UGRAD and the U.S. Embassy for this great opportunity that supports youth development to improve our leadership, organizational skills, public speaking, and communication skills. I always enjoy working at Summer Camp America because it makes me happy when I make kids happy, and supports cross-cultural learning. I wish these sweet kids a bright future and hope their dreams will come true.

Written by Farzonai Qadamzoda, 2017-2018 Global UGRAD student from Tajikistan at Murray State University