Long Lost Friends

During my first week at Western Kentucky University (WKU), I received a message from a friend asking me if I was really actually at WKU because he was too. I met Charles back in 2015 in the athlete’s village of the Universiade (an international multi-sport event) in South Korea, and I saw him again in 2017 in Taiwan. And out of pure coincidence, here we were in 2018, both at WKU for our first semester. Charles and I both compete in track and field, and represent our respective countries- Zambia and Lebanon – internationally. Seeing him again during my exchange was definitely one of my favorite moments. When you say goodbye to someone after every trip you wonder, when will life bring you back again? When I said goodbye in August, I never thought I’d see my friend again in January. Having someone I have known for a long time was a blast and huge support.

Written by Sandy Karam, a 2017-2018 Global UGRAD student at Western Kentucky University