Bittersweet Departure by Djoumana Hadil Boughazi

I got on the plane, with denial still
Tears in my eyes, red shaky lips
Reading their notes, remembering every hug, and every kiss
My departure in my mind, still seems like a trick
The boy sitting next to me leaned and smiled at me
Saying I should let go, and set my heart and soul free
He told me to forget, and if it’s meant to be it will be
He didn’t know I didn’t just leave a lover or a friend, but a family
I tried to explain, but my words failed to come out
How can I speak of the memories that my life now revolves around
Those people I met, the days I will forever talk about
The ones that had my back, and loved me for being so loud
The late nights we had, talking about real cheese
Then becoming love experts, making have red cheeks
Laughing about how silly and foolish we can all be
But the push come to shove, we’re made of steel
Smiling and calling me a baby most of the time
Laughing for my love for milk, and calling it “baby wine”
Couldn’t believe I could ever be that shy
But there were days when I couldn’t look some of them in the eye
Being back home is a reality I have to deal with
But I’ll never be the same, after meeting the “cool kids”
We all have now a home where each of us lives
We will reunite one day, and relive those days with the same old tricks

Written by Djoumana Hadil Boughazi from Algeria, a Global UGRAD 17-18 student at Grand Valley State University

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