A Season of Thanksgiving: Gratitude & Goodbyes

I love Thanksgiving. Although every new day brings us reasons to celebrate, in the U.S., the fourth Thursday of November is specially marked to reflect on all the things that make life so good. What are you thankful for, Global UGRAD? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Earning an “A” on an exam that you didn’t have time to study for
  • The dining hall that finally served rice the ways it’s “supposed” to taste
  • The RA who let you into your room after you locked yourself out – for the 3rd time that week
  • The other Global UGRAD on campus who reminds you every time a World Learning document is due – we’re thankful for them too
  • The friend who introduced him/herself to you during orientation week on your brand new U.S. campus and has become one of your best buddies
  • The professor who gave you the courage to apply for Global UGRAD when you didn’t think you stood a chance

As for me, I’m thankful for Global UGRAD. After nearly five years on the program, I am saying goodbye, but not before expressing my immense gratitude toward everyone who has been a part of this journey with me. Thank you to the U.S. Embassy and Fulbright Commission staff abroad and to U.S. host institution administration who keep this program moving.

And to all of you students… where do I begin?

I took this job because I knew I wanted to work with international students, but I had no idea it would help me understand the world in a much more clear, and in a much more good, way. Global UGRADs teach me things I can’t learn in books, you help me see your countries through your lenses, you show me the beauty of connecting across cultures, and you show me a future fueled by your good ideas and your kindness to others. I’m moving on to a new job where I still get to work with college students, because you all have me absolutely hooked. Thanks for bringing me into your worlds and being a part of mine.

Cheers from Global UGRAD’s biggest fan, and in every language, thank you & goodbye,

Written by Global UGRAD Program Officer Roya Zahed