Global UGRAD Post Photo Challenge : University Signs

Through our monitoring assignments this month, we asked the Global UGRAD participants to take part in a long-standing photojournalism project we call the “UGRAD Post.” The card featured in the photos below is a way for students to not only demonstrate their involvement in Global UGRAD, but to promote engagement with U.S. culture, show pride in their host institutions, and connect with other program participants across the country. Students can share UGRAD Post submissions on our private Facebook whenever they like, but are also issued “photo challenges” by the World Learning team throughout the semester as part of their program.

This month’s photo challenge asked students to take a photo with their university sign and share it with the Global UGRAD cohort. This not only allowed them to engage with other participants, but inspired a sense of belonging within their host communities. The excitement is contagious, as seen in the photo gallery below!

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