OPAL Begins Again! – Goal Setting

The second half of the World Learning run Online Professional and Academic Learning Course (OPAL) started up again on August 21st for fall semester academic students. The first 4 modules were completed before the students arrived, equipping them with tools to aid in the adjustment to U.S. university life. Module 5 focuses on goal setting, allowing the Global UGRAD participants the space to draw out their personal, academic, professional, and cultural goals, along with strategies on how to accomplish them. These two word clouds showcase some of the goals and strategies that this semester’s students identified.











There were so many thoughtful strategies considered, making it clear that students took time to fully explore their goals. A favorite strategy among them all was to simply “smile!”

And if you ever feel like giving up, you can tell yourself:

“Everything will be alright. The only way to expand your comfort zone is to step out of it. The more uncomfortable you are, the more opportunities you actually have. If you cannot push it anymore, pause for a break. Always begin your day with a smile. Ten years down the road, you’ll thank yourself for pulling through everything that slams on you today.” – Current Global UGRAD participant

The remaining 3 modules of OPAL will continue throughout the fall semester. Module 6 of OPAL will begin on September 18th with a focus on Gender Roles.

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