Dear Dreamer – A Poem


Master of emotion,
slave of words,
lover of stars,
friend of the moon,
dear dreamer,
wanderer in all lands and worlds.

Listen to my message,
listen to my croon.
Bleed black on nothingness,
breath misery,
exhale relief.
They will give you the smile of greatness,
hidden behind it,
jealousy, hatred and grief.

Write about the poor,
manifest for peace,
and on paper,
with passion,
kill the mules.

They will cut your tongue,
your hands they will cease,
and you will be arrested
for breaking their rules.

Inside your prison cell,
don’t give up. Teach them freedom,
show them your thoughts,
tell them the truth.
They will be alone,
all what a dreamer receives
is reality shots.

Written by Meriem Bouraoui

Global UGRAD 2016-2017, Saginaw Valley State University

Meriem Bouraoui - Butterfly Garden

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