Hello from Pakistan! Alumni Update

Dreams are beautiful but when they come true; it’s WOW. Life after Global UGRAD  lighted my path. The experience provided the sight for understanding and analyzing things more deeply and logically.

Global UGRAD for me was an enormous experience; the experience where one interacts with people of all ages, cultures, religions, ethnicities and understands how we all are same and ONE.

As an alum, it feels a privilege to be part of such a unique and memorable experience. I spread the message of the exceptional opportunity for a life changing experience among others. As the saying goes, “spread happiness”; that is what we do as alumni. For now, I have helped my friend, and she has gone on to experience this incredible opportunity too.

After returning from Global UGRAD, a few things changed – one of them was ME. For starters, I did experience reverse culture shock after coming back, but the thing is that after returning, we turn to be more refined and ready to bring both ourselves and our societies toward the better. The Global UGRAD Program taught us this all the time; study and volunteer. As for studies, I am going to graduate soon (In Shaa Allah). Volunteering has taken a deep place in my life. I keep on volunteering, which tends to be the most wonderful time. Mitigating the sufferings of people and making the world a more beautiful place than yesterday is quite an exciting job.

Apart from volunteering, I provide sessions on the Global UGRAD Program. Along with that, I periodically give youth and career counseling sessions which partly focus on spreading awareness about the importance of the UN Sustainable Goals.


By Runa Khan (Pakistan), Global UGRAD Spring 2016, St. Catherine University


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