Hello From Kyrgyzstan!

On the 26th of November, a group of Kyrgyzstan Global UGRAD alumni from 2015-16 held a workshop for applicants who wanted to gain information in order to be eligible to participate in the Global UGRAD Program.

More than one hundred excited students attended this session. The keynote speech was given by 2011-12 UGRAD alum Batyr Shabdanov, who inspired many in the audience through sharing his own experiences and tips on how to become a finalist of the program. The main part of the session was devoted to explaining all aspects of the application process. In addition, one of the speakers – Meerim Nurlanbekova – is a Global UGRAD finalist for 2016-17 and is going to spend the 2017 spring semester at East Tennessee State University. Meerim shared relevant suggestions and information on how to succeed in the program. At the end of workshop, alumni held a great Q&A session with students, particularly regarding the application process.

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