Alumni Update: Jungle Crows Foundation

My name is Pritam Singh and I am from Kolkata, India. I am a 2014-2015 NESA UGRAD Alumni and studied Business for a year in Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.  It was a great learning experience. I got good support from Snow College where I set up the intramural rugby program and learned the aspects of leadership and communication. I had a great experience which helped me to develop my personality, willpower and confidence.

Now it’s time to give something back to India and my communities. It’s been almost a year now, and I’ve started working with an NGO called Jungle Crows Foundation using  the medium of sports to develop communities. It’s fun to give something back which I had achieved in United States, working with the underprivileged children who had never been to school, or had never got any equipment to play. The objective of the foundation is developing youth through sports. Children learn through play, explore their world, learn how to assess risk, try things out and get to know themselves. I work as a rugby coach and as event coordinator in the foundation. Rugby has become game changer in encouraging younger children to pursue education and become successful in their lives.

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