Generation 2030: The Power of the Girl

Power of a Girl
(From left to right) Milkah Kihunah, Judithe Registre, Manolya Osman, Donald Steinberg, Kathleen Koch, and Tamara Gould.

On the evening of Tuesday, October 27th, World Learning co-hosted a film screening and panel discussion in recognition of October’s International Day of the Girl. The film, titled I Am a Girl, highlighted the stories of three girls around the world, bringing light to the injustices they experience as the result of their gender. World Learning’s President and CEO, Donald Steinberg, was among the panelists who led a follow-up discussion on what organizations are doing around the globe to advocate for girl’s rights. There was a clear emphasis on the importance of promoting girls’ education and providing supportive environments for all girls to thrive. As Steinberg stated, “the single best investment in peace and development is girls education,” highlighting that inclusion is an important theme across all of World Learning’s programs. The event was powerful and inspiring as it effectively presented both the reality of the issue and the paths toward a solution.

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