Re-entry Workshop for East Asia and the Pacific & the Western Hemisphere

World Learning hosted the Spring Re-entry workshop for 66 students from East Asia and the Pacific and the Western Hemisphere from March 25-28th. CyBelle Barthelmess, Director of Youth Programs for World Learning, facilitated interactive sessions on leadership, team building and reverse culture shock. Students explored Washington DC’s beautiful monuments on a night tour and visited the Smithsonian museums during a sunny afternoon. Professionals also came to talk with the students about resource mobilization, digital storytelling, entrepreneurship and advocacy. Finally, the students shared their diverse cultures in the workshop’s culminating and dynamic “Culture Night” party!

Numerous memorable quotes emerged from the Workshop, including the following:

  • “Education is like a beautiful flower; when I came to the U.S. that flower opened for me.” Sam (Burma)
  • “I faced difficult times in the U.S., for example when people could not understand me but I had to motivate myself to communicate to others and share my experience.” Jose Javier (El Salvador)
  • “During the first weeks at UT it was hard to get to know others because of differences, but after awhile we started to love each other’s differences and become an international family.” Nadira (Indonesia)
  • “Passion is the biological engine that can change you into something else… that’s why you must always follow your passion.” Vuth (Cambodia)
  • “Being a leader is taking the initiative. Do something small every day and you’ll make the world a better place.” Ana Maria (Dominican Republic)

View the best photos of the workshop below or click here to access all the workshop photos.

Congratulations to our 66 participants!

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