UGRAD Oscars: Photo Contest

Photos have always played an important part in the UGRAD Experience.  They are able to capture a moment in time, a memory, and as such will always serve as a reminder of what happened during a student’s time in the United States. The amount of photos that our UGRADs take is staggering, and each photo has a story. That got us thinking…

In February, the UGRAD Team held a photo contest for all students across the US. We asked them to submit their favorite photos to the following categories, and we are happy to announce the winners!

  • Best UGRAD Experience – Ayesha
  • Most Artistic – Yashu
  • Best Duo – Djordje and Matija
  • Best Group – Javier & Company 
  • Best Nature – Victor 
  • Best University/College – Haziq

We also picked three “Staff Favorite” photos from the many amazing submissions we received – students recognized in this category are Kais, Riah, and Luis.  To see the winners in their photos, please watch the video below.

Though we could only pick one winner per category, our UGRADs certainly do love a good competition! Check out the gallery below to view all of the photos we received.

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