Postcards from Thailand

Our alumni from Thailand are putting the academic and leadership skills they learned from UGRAD to use!  Four alumni wrote to World Learning about their current jobs, higher education, awards and youth leadership demonstrating that transformational experiences continue after UGRAD.

SirodomSirodom Koonyotying, 2013-14 UGRAD alum

Right after I returned from my UGRAD exchange semester at American University in Washington D.C., I was overwhelmed with precious memories and ambition to be part of the process toward international development. I seized a job opportunity when TICA (Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency) announced the application for the position of Knowledge Management and ODA database assistant. I have been working with TICA for six months. My tasks are comprised of attending conferences, drafting knowledge management action plans and assisting in managing the Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan database. Recently, TICA received the “Best Learning Organization” award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand. It has become my motivation to keep doing my best to improve the development of Thailand.


Kanjapond Kanjapond Phromratsarana [Nami], 2013-14 UGRAD alum

I developed an interest in gender equality since I had an opportunity to study women’s issues at St. Catherine University during my UGRAD exchange semester. When I came back to Thailand, I looked for volunteer opportunities in this field and learned about FRIDA (Flexibility, Resources, Inclusivity, Diversity, Action: The Young Feminist Fund) at the from the Asia Pacific Feminist Forum, which was held at Chiang Mai in May 2014. I decided to further my study of feminism by applying for an intern position there and got the job. This internship allows me to work from home and connect with the people via internet and e-mail. This way, I can plan my senior year and practicum accordingly. I have been interning with FRIDA for six months. I have gained knowledge and understanding about gender equality from all around the world since one of FRIDA’s objectives is to strengthen the participation and leadership of young feminist activists globally. You can check out more information about this organization at or


AimHataitip Tasena, 2010-11 UGRAD alum

I completed  my M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine at The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and am now looking for a Ph.D. program in the same field. The past academic year was a fantastic experience for me and widened my horizon. I have learned the differences in culture and educational systems between the United Kingdom and the United States, and hope be accepted into a Ph.D. program in a European country so that I can learn about Europe’s educational system as a whole.


LiwPhitchakan Chuangchai (Liw), 2010-11 UGRAD alum

I was selected to join the “Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program,” where 30 youth from ten Asian countries and Japan get together on a ship and sail around Japan and Southeast Asia for two months. I am now on a Royal Thai Government Scholarship for my Master’s in Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London.




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