As the cooler breeze of October sweeps through the United States, so does the mighty current of school spirit. For many Americans, fall means one thing: the start of football season. Campus culture takes on a new vibrancy as athletes don their shoulder pads and helmets and take to the field. UGRAD students are also feeling school pride and sporting their recently purchased school gear. They love sharing the new cheers they are learning and most have already attended a football game or two.

One of the most exciting games of any collegiate season is Homecoming. Often the first or second home-game, Homecoming is designated as the game for which alumni are welcomed back to campus. Most schools have events through the week that culminate in the football game where a new campus King and Queen, voted in by the students, are crowned. Often, there are parades prior to the football game, and many UGRAD participants have been invited to proudly wave their home countries’ flags on floats as they wave to parade-watchers.

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