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Sergio Tokyo
Alumni of the Month: Sergio Venegas Gamboa
(Photo courtesy of the U.S. Embassy Bi-Monthly Alumni Newsletter)

Sergio Venegas Gamboa (2011-12) was recently chosen by the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica as it “alumni of the month” and featured in an article in the embassy’s bi-monthly alumni newsletter. During his UGRAD Program, Sergio learned not only about new cultures and manners of thinking, but also to believe in himself and reach for his dreams. After returning home, he discovered a love for “Design Thinking” and “Creative Thinking” and found ways to apply these not only to his international business studies, but also to his passion for social projects.

As a result, Sergio was chosen as one of 50 students from around the world to attend the “International Development Youth Forum” for ten days in March 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The conference focused on bringing students from diverse backgrounds together to find solutions to current issues in international development.¬† His group won recognition as the “Best Designed Product” for their project, which involved designing a trashcan that can change the habits of those living in Manila, Philippines and by creating a “positive addiction” to throwing away trash vs. littering.


Wilfredo Petit - BookWilfredo Petit (2012-13) is currently in his 9th semester of studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Education in Venezuela and has been working as an English teacher at a private institute called the Washington English College since last September. He teaches speaking, reading and writing skills to teenagers and adults who are interested in learning the language and sharpening their skills. He is also involved in a community service project that consists of creating awareness of the importance of English as a universal language in low-income public elementary schools, where EFL is not typically included in the curriculum.

Apart from teaching, working at the Washington English College has given him the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of a series of EFL books for Elementary School (1st to 6th grade in Venezuela).

Wilfredo recently had the opportunity to visit his former U.S. host institution Augustana College. He stayed on campus and was happy to be back catching up with friends and former professors.

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