Alumni Updates: Mongolia and Malaysia

The Malaysian Global UGRAD alumni from 2012-13 organized a retreat for the new batch of UGRADers in Kuala Lumpur.

malaysia 1They joined the new batch for their Pre-Departure Orientation organized by the Malaysian American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE). With them in this photo below (third from left) is Fulbright Program Officer Ms. Kalis.

malaysia 2The 50th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program

malaysia 3
Kai Shen Ee with fellow UGRAD alumni

June 21, 2013 marked 50 years of educational exchange between Malaysia and the United States. This was Kai Shen Ee’s (2012-13, Illinois State University) first meet up with the Global UGRAD alumni. They talked, shared experiences and updated each other on their current adventures. After returning home, Kai was offered an internship at Perhentian Island for three months working as Community Liaison Leader. He was also invited to join the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF) Malaysia on May 31, 2013.

malaysia 5
Kai (Cay) Kar Yan with her mentor and fellow UGRAD alumnus Tang Khai Shing

Lai (Cay) Kar Yan (2012-13, American University) met Tang Khai Shing, her inspiration to study abroad. When she was 16 years old, Cay browsed through the web with the key words “American Malaysia student exchange” and a blog that Khai Shing kept during her life as a Global UGRADer showed up and inspired Cay to want to study abroad in the United States. She is so grateful to have met such a wonderful person who has inspired her and became her mentor. Upon returning home, Cay joined the Malaysian Youth Leadership Program and is working with a group of enthusiastic local university students on a project with consultants from the McKinsey & Company-Kuala Lumpur working on Social Entrepreneurship projects.

Upon her return to Malaysia, Cheong Chee Lee (2012-13, University of New Hampshire) was offered a 4-month engineering internship. Cheong is currently undergoing her final weeks as an undergraduate student and will graduate in the end of January 2014. Due to her exposure in U.S., she is also more actively involved in social and leadership events, the most recent being TEDxKL 2013.

Kalainilaa Kalaiyarasu (2012-13, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities) has been traveling and volunteering since her return to Malaysia. She was involved in a collaborative effort between students in Korea, Canada and Malaysia on an online project. To play a part in the much anticipated General Elections in Malaysia, she worked as a Polling Agent to gain first-hand experience on the election process. She is currently volunteering at a community center in her neighborhood. She looks forward to integrating her academic insights gained during the experience to her more UK-based education syllabus in her final year degree.


Uyanga Ganbold
Uyanga Ganbold at her undergraduate graduation ceremony

Uyanga Ganbold (2012-13, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) is in her final year at the National University of Mongolia and has applied to several Master’s programs already. Oyu Bayarsaikhan (2012-13, Murray State University) spent her summer holiday participating in two international conferences: INNOVASIA organized by AIESEC Korea and Northeast Asia Youth Forum hosted by Asian exchange association. She represented Mongolia in these two events and spent some wonderful time making new friends many different countries. More importantly, Oyu was able to make her own contributions to strengthening the good friendship between participant countries. She also learned a lot and took a step further to realize her full potentials. She remains busy with AIESEC and also the Mongolian Youth Leaders Association (MYLA) volunteer work.

Nominzul Amartsengel (2012-13, Chatham University) is working as a legal consultant in Anderson & Anderson International Law firm. Her job includes translating laws and government resolutions from Mongolian to English, performing legal research and keeping laws updated. She enjoys her job and she is not only learning a lot of things in her field of study, but also loves discovering more about how the professional world works. She would like to stress that her experience in the U.S. and at Chatham University as a Global UGRADer was one of the main reasons for her to get this job. While doing her job, she is also continuing her studies at the Law School of National University of Mongolia. Munkhkhishig Dashtseren (2012-13, Minnesota State University, Mankato) is doing a 6-week internship at the Institute of International Studies. One of the recent events she participated in was “Living – Green Lake” – an exhibition which was intended to raise public environmental awareness through art. her favorite artwork is shown in the following photo:

Munkhkhishig Dashtseren at the “Living – Green Lake” exhibit

Having a very busy summer working at the American Association of Advertising Agency (AAAA) as an English teacher Gantsetseg Ganbat (2012-13, University of Missouri) returned to teaching English as a tutor. She is spending her final year at university doing her internship at the Science and Technological University in Erdenet city. After coming back to Mongolia, Baigali Bayarkhuu (2011-12, Austin College) returned to her university to continue her studies. She graduated from the National University of Mongolia last June. Her major was International Relations and she has applied for a job recently. Also, Baigali has always wanted to help kids, especially the most vulnerable ones. For this reason, she worked for the MONTSAME Agency translating Japanese and English books for children. She is also a member of a Facebook group called “Crazy Monkies.” The group is an English Speaking group and whoever wants to speak English can join this group. They do not just speak English to one another; they organize many activities to improve society. They worked with children, communities and parents to ensure that children enjoy good health, and they are cared for and protected by their guardians.

Dulguun Davaanyam on a field trip to the Teck Coal Mine in Sparwood, British Columbia

Dulguun Davaanyam (2010-11, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) is pursuing her Master’s degree in Engineering at the University of British Columbia, Canada. She recently started her studies at UBC and is focusing on mining sustainability and the environment. Dulguun would like to express her gratitude for the UGRAD program, which opened many new doors and opportunities for her.

Amar Batkhuu (2010-11, University of Utah) has now spent a year since working for Oyu Tolgoi, one of the biggest gold and copper mines in the world. Oyu Tolgoi is making a huge contribution to Mongolia’s economy and Amar is currently working in the Regional Development and Social Performance department of the company. He is working to establish a Cooperation Agreement, which will maximize the benefits that the host community receives from the mine and its operations. Amar is learning a lot and developing himself into a better development specialist every day.


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