Meet the UGRAD Team!

Staff Team Photo - Oct 4 3
Back Row: Tom Bruey, Chris Sluter, Kwaku Obeng
Middle Row: Myra Khan, Olga Kolodina, Anna Lenard, Dorothy White, Pamela Lowenstein
Front Row: Jessica Mead, Bethany Gilchrist, Melissa Oppenheimer, Roya Zahed

It seems like the UGRAD team at World Learning has expanded! We are excited to be working with even more regions of the world this year:

East Asia and the Pacific: Jessica Mead and Roya Zahed

Western Hemisphere: Bethany Gilchrist and Chris Sluter

Serbia and Montenegro: Olga Kolodina and Dorothy White

Near East, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: Thomas Bruey, Myra Khan, Kwaku Obeng, and Anna Lenard

New Media and Alumni Relations: Pamela Lowenstein

Director, Exchange and Training Unit: Melissa Oppenheimer

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