Sporting Events & School Spirit

Global UGRAD participants across the country are exceptionally busy taking in all of the Fall festivities in their local communities and campuses. With football and homecoming season in full swing, many UGRADs are experiencing these quintessential U.S. college events for the first time and sparing no energy in displaying their school pride.


Tailgate is a big deal here and the MSU students along with the alumnus and their families are gathered on the campus to hang out and see the football match together! I can feel the high spirit of how supportive they are to the MSU football team by seeing them playing, I also participated in the tailgate and it was a very interesting and fun experience!” – Keomany Sipaseuth, Laos, Missouri State University



I really like the spirit here. People are so kind and hospitable. They are always ready to help International students. If we need help, we can just ask them. I have not participated in sports event but I watched football games several times and I really enjoyed it. Also, I play basketball every day.” – Bolormaa Banzragch, Mongolia, Delta State University 


As the Fall season concludes, we’re happy to see that Global UGRADs participated in school sporting events and displayed their school pride!