Spring Semester Student Events

Every semester UGRAD students join clubs, make friends, and get involved in many different campus activities. This month two UGRAD Students share the two activities they have been involved in this semester. Both students talked about how fun it was to be a part of a team working towards something and how these activities were a great way to make friends.

First, we have Bounpan Xaisorfah who is from Laos and attending Muskingum University:

The cast of Seussical pose on stage for a group photo“I joined Muskie’s theater which performed Seussical from Dr. Seuss. It was my first time ever joining this such a phenomenal show by Dr. Seuss. We worked so hard to make the show come out great. It was my first time being a real actor in the show. This musical theater has six shows; free for students and $5 for outsiders. The money is for supporting technical equipment and outfits. I was nervous for the first show but I did it pretty well in the second, third, and so forth.”


The cast performing Seussical on stage

Bounpan also talked about how encouraging everyone in the cast was and how her professor was really helpful in teaching her how to read notes and learn to perform. They spend a lot of time practicing, up to four hours a day.






A person jumps to spike a volleyball across the net

Parnthong Soukkaseum also from Laos, attending Murray State University, joined a Volleyball team on campus. He shared some great action pictures from the games they played. They made it all the way to the playoffs and finished second! Parnthong talked about how excited he was to be joining the team and how excited he was to be going to the playoffs.







A volleyball team with one person raising their arms to hit the ball


Every semester it is always nice to hear about what the UGRAD students have been up to aside from their usual course work. These activities are great ways for them to make friends and learn more about the United States. One common thing the UGRAD students express as they start to pack up and go home is how much they will miss the friends they made on campus.