March Online Engagement: Alumni Q&A Panels and Academic Writing

This March, the Global UGRAD team dove deeper into the academic world with the introduction of two new activities in our spring virtual programming: our Alumni Q&A Panels and Professional Development series. For our first installment of the Alumni Q&A Panel, Global UGRAD alumni shared their experiences on the subject of All Things Academics! Next, the topic of this month’s edition of our Professional Development series was Academic Writing, in which Global UGRADs honed their academic writing skills.

Alumni Q&A Panels: All Things Academics!

The first session of our Alumni Q&A Panel: All Things Academics! Featuring alumni panelists Steffi Eunice Ramos (first row, center), German Quesada (first row, right of center), Fadhil Adiyat (second row, left of center), and Sibongile Hokonya (second row, center).

The incoming cohort of Global UGRADs had the opportunity to connect with experienced Global UGRAD alumni from across program years, countries, and majors. Our esteemed alumni panelists consisted of Sibongile Hokonya (Zimbabwe), Steffi Eunice Ramos, (Philippines), German Quesada (Costa Rica), and Fadhil Adiyat (Indonesia) during the first session, and Michelle Bernier (Venezuela), Witness Sitole (Mozambique), Anastasia Boshkoska (Macedonia), and Itmareli Rodríguez Cano (Panama) in the second session. Panelists answered the current Global UGRADs’ burning questions about the U.S. education system, signing up for classes, studying tips, time management, and more.

The second session of our Alumni Q&A Panel: All Things Academics! Featuring alumni panelists Michelle Bernier (first row, center), Witness Sitole (first row, right of center), Anastasia Boshkoska (first row, far right), and Itmareli Rodríguez Cano (second row, far left).

“Thank you for the Alumni Q&A Panel session which I found very informative and enjoyable… there was some helpful advice from alumni. Especially I found the most important piece of advice was about time management: that we should wake up early to have breakfast, then plan our day and study, and to submit our assignments on time. Now I have a clearer picture what I will go through in the United States, and I am more confident that I will adapt quickly to the new environment. Thank you very much for this session!” – Gulnaz Jadigerova, Uzbekistan

“The Alumni Q&A Panel sessions were incredible. From this activity, I’m more confident about the academic topics, how to choose my classes, the schedule, and so much more. I liked how everyone expressed their experience and what they did to make the most of their time, such as having an agenda, studying at the library, or being proactive on meeting assignment deadlines. These are tips that I will keep in mind during my entire stay there.” – Ambar Nuñez, Dominican Republic 

Professional Development: Academic Writing

“Agenda” slide from German Gomez’s presentation on Academic Writing.

Mr. German Gomez from World Learning’s TESOL team joined us as a guest speaker in the first installment of our Professional Development series, Academic Writing. In this session, Global UGRADs learned important tips for improving their academic writing skills in English to help them prepare for their studies in the United States.

“It was truly helpful, especially as it helped look at academic writing in a simpler manner than I am otherwise used to. The session was also interactive which was great. Hoping to be a part of similar sessions in the future. Thank you!” – Navya Wijewickrama, Sri Lanka

“The session was really useful and lovely. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about academic writing, and I enjoyed exchanging with peers. Looking forward for more sessions like this.” – Juan Rayo, Nicaragua