February Social Media Challenge: #MyIdentity

Continuing with our monthly social media challenges, we recently asked the incoming Global UGRADs to share with us a little about themselves in the #MyIdentity challenge. We’ve spotlighted a few entries below so that you can learn more about who our Global UGRADs are and where they come from, too!

The world is full of colors and hues that every person perceives in their own way. Artists can materialize this singular vision and show it to spectators. Through their work, spectators will combine their experiences with the author´s and create new messages. Art is the human quality that transfigures the soul into matter. Today #myidentity is an artist in training that is always looking for language, communication, exploring the materials, colors, and hues in the world.

– Nadia Rodriguez Pereira, Costa Rica


The lines to come will unfold the way my identity is.

Hi! You can call me Pepe. I am from Mauritania. That is my Mauritanian dress. It is a part of my identity. I believe my identity is encapsulated in five traits: extroversion, intuition, my feeling, my judgment, and assertiveness. I am an extrovert, not all the time though. I feel my social side is prevalent when around people. I am intuitive. I feel empathy and sympathy towards people. I tend to not judge. However, sometimes I fall in the trap of judging myself and people. I am also assertive, determined and hardworking.

Med Lemine, Mauritania

I am a dreamer. And as Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” So I am not afraid to dream. I work hard for everything I put my mind to, I try to explore new horizons, challenge myself, try to make the world a better place by bringing a small or big positive change in all that surrounds me and is inside me. And I believe that the best way of making that change is through education. Thus, my mission is to make quality education valued, appreciated, and of course available for the people of my country and beyond.

Naira Khachatryan, Armenia

My identity is who I see in myself and who I am perceived to be by others. I think we all have more than one identity depending on what roles we play: students, daughters, sons, friends, or even human beings. With that being said, I believe that the identity that both other people and I see in me is someone who advocates and believes in the justice system, compassion, and humanity. With these principles I hold very close to my heart, I get to wake up every morning with the clear purpose and intention to better myself as best as I can so that I can help those in need. Personally, life is nothing without giving and doing things to help others and this is what I base my life on. #letsmaketheworldabetterplace

– Nareeluck Chuangchaichana, Thailand

#MyIdentity is characterized by the circumstances I’ve lived and the people that I have met. How I react to different scenarios in life and how I connect with people is what makes my unique spark grow. One of the words that describes me best is patience. I’ve learned that patience and consistency are virtues needed in order to understand that what’s meant to be will be at the right time and what’s not meant to be can always teach you a new path.

Amanda Guadalupe Mena Wassmer, Nicaragua