February Online Engagement: Country Presentations and Professional Networking

Our spring virtual programming continues with new and exciting events and activities! In February, Global UGRADs participated in our first round of country presentations and the first installment of our speaker series, “Networking Strategies” with Hannah Zuzek from World Learning. You can read more about these events and responses from some of our participants in the article below.

Country Presentations

The Uzbekistan country cohort’s presentation title screen.











This past month, we invited Global UGRAD finalists from the Europe and Central Asia and East Asia Pacific and South Asia regions to share their home country and culture with their fellow Global UGRADs. In these sessions, we featured presentations designed by students from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Those in attendance had the opportunity to engage with their Global UGRAD peers and learn more about where they come from.

The Bangladesh country cohort begin their presentation.

“It was an honor to represent Bangladesh as well as to get to know about other countries. The country presentation is one of the many virtual activities that has been undertaken by World Learning to keep the finalists from all over the world engaged and connected to each other before their departure to the United States. It also helped us to know each other’s culture as well as traditions and also acted as an interpersonal skill development activity. Thank you Susan Yang for facilitating the whole session so smoothly and also for always helping the Global UGRADs during any issue.” Mahir Kamal, Bangladesh

Speaker Series: Professional Networking Strategies

In the first installment of our Speaker Series, Ms. Hannah Zuzek discussed key strategies for effective networking and practical applications. Ms. Zuzek is currently a Program Manager and Youth Workforce Development Technical Specialist with extensive experience leading U.S. Government-funded programs in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria as well as providing technical assistance in youth development and youth livelihoods projects. After attending this session, Global UGRADs walked away with concrete steps to enhance their networking skills.

“Networking 101” slide from Hannah Zuzek’s presentation on Networking Strategies.

“I have really enjoyed participating in today’s “Networking Strategies” discussion session. I have acquired knowledge of professional networking along with the ‘Elevator Pitch.’ Moreover, I have enjoyed joining in the breakout rooms and performing in the group tasks, thanks to the honorable speaker, organizers and participants. That’s how we can uplift networking skills.” – Raihan Karim, Bangladesh