New Year’s Resolutions Photo Contest

To kickstart 2021, Global UGRAD students participated in a New Year’s resolutions photo contest! In the United States, it is common practice for individuals to reflect on the prior year and to make resolutions for the year ahead. For this contest, students submitted a picture along with a brief caption to share some of their goals for 2021. Check out the winner, runners up, and a few honorable mentions below!


“Getting to know myself” – Souley Meaki, Niger

Runners Up

“I love reading books, so one of my new year’s resolutions was reading more of them!” – Racha Amamra, Algeria
“This year, I am planning to make educational videos that can help many people learn English better for the entire year, therefore I am working on my own handmade wall decoration to make my videos much more interesting.” – Amal Uddin, Indonesia

















Honorable Mentions

“My New Year’s resolution: Be in unity with the society, spread love and peace around, be kind to others as much as possible, have faith and simply hope for the best.” – Begimai Ailchinova, Kyrgyzstan
“To learn a new language!” – Amanda Contrera, Paraguay