Virtual English Language Training Wrap-Up

Virtual English Language Training (ELT) students say “thank you” to their instructors in their final Zoom session of the course.

Last month, Global UGRAD participants in our pilot of the Virtual English Language Training (ELT) program completed their final coursework and assessments. The Global UGRAD and TESOL teams at World Learning are immensely proud of these students for successfully completing their virtual program and for the hard work and enthusiasm they brought to their virtual classrooms, overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual ELT participants not only strengthened their English writing and speaking skills but made meaningful connections with Global UGRADs around the world as they prepared for their upcoming program here in the United States. Below, we share brief reflections by our participants and their teachers on their experiences with the Virtual ELT program.

Brahim Habib, Mauritania  

This semester has been a great opportunity for me to learn and study English online for the first time. I’ve been given a chance to work with people from different countries through Zoom discussions.


Erinson De Lana, Dominican Republic

One thing that I really value from this course is that it challenged me to be more critical and confident at the moment of speaking. This course definitely addressed many goals in terms of improving my English skills.


Aliya Bikeyeva, Kazakhstan

The most important aspect of the course is that I developed my listening and speaking skills, and adjectives that can be used to describe the course I think are: developing, emotional, positive, and just wonderful!


Roger Ramirez, Virtual ELT Instructor

It was a true honor to be a part of this program and to really go on this journey with students. I’m sure I’m going to miss each and every one of them. In terms of their overall achievements, it was pretty exciting to see how they grew in terms of not only American culture but global culture. Since they had such a wonderful opportunity to interact with their peers, who were from many different countries, they really grew in their ability to understand different cultures.


Timothy Doyle, Virtual ELT Instructor

It was amazing to see the way you [the participants] collectively came together and very quickly formed this great community of learners where you helped each other and learned from each other as well. I wish you the most sincere success in all your future academic endeavors. It’s been wonderful for me to see the growth in your confidence and competence in English, especially speaking and writing with a more academic tone and register, and also just seeing the increase in your confidence and your ability to express yourself on a variety of academic topics.


Michael Griffin, Virtual ELT Instructor

I think the biggest thing – and this is one of the highlights for me — is your [the participants’] increased ability to talk intelligently and passionately and in a nuanced way about things that you’re not experts about, or that you don’t feel like you’re experts about…Beyond just your time in the U.S., I’m sure that you’re going to do great in life because you’re so committed, talented, intelligent and hard-working. I look forward to hearing all the great things you’ll do in life to make the world a better place.