Making the Case for Cultural Exchange

In September, the American Corner in Banja Luka hosted an event entitled “Why Cultural Exchange Programs are Important.” The director of the American Corner talked about all the exchange opportunities that students in Bosnia and Herzegovina have in the U.S., and I as a Global UGRAD Alumni Class Secretary for Bosnia and Herzegovina spoke more about the Global UGRAD Program.

Speaking at the American Corner brought me back two years in time, when I had heard for the first time, at the very same place, about the Global UGRAD Program. The presentation and the story I had heard then motivated me to apply for this program, and with hindsight, now I might add set in motion the exchange that helped me grow personally in ways I was not even able to think of, bringing me closer to who I want to become.

All that considered, I gave my best to interest all of those who came to the event to take their first step once the program application opens. During my presentation I familiarized students with the program, especially the application process, and spoke at great length about my experience in the U.S.: about the college system, American food, sports, travel, and everyday life.

As someone who received great help during my application process from one of the alumni, I know how much “tips and tricks” are important, so I let everyone who attended the event know that they can feel free to reach out to me during their application process and I will be more than glad to help them out. I already spoke in person with two students in my hometown about the program and encouraged them to apply.

As a Global UGRAD Alumni Class Secretary for Bosnia and Herzegovina, I strive to interest as many students as possible to apply for Global UGRAD, and by doing so keep the fire of Global UGRAD in Bosnia and Herzegovina burning.

By Aleksandar Krecar,  Global UGRAD  2018-19, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kansas State University