Alumni Advice for Incoming Global UGRADs!

Recently, World Learning asked 2018-19 Global UGRAD alumni for advice they wished to share with the incoming cohort. Enjoy reading some of their pearls of wisdom!

  1. Try new things

You will have so many opportunities to get involved and meet people on campus! You can start making friends from day one. Reach out to people in your classes, look for advertised events and groups, and ask your professors about additional ways to explore the academic topics you love.

  1. Save money

When you receive your stipend, remember that it should last the whole month! Think about your priorities–will you need to buy warm clothes for the upcoming cold weather? Or do you want to save money for an out-of-state trip? It’s always a good idea to create a budget and look for simple ways to save money every day.

  1. Manage your time

Striking a balance between academics and fun is important and takes practice. Finding a quiet place to study, keeping up with your homework on weekdays, and setting aside time to have fun on the weekends are all good ways to stay balanced and manage your time.

  1. Keep track of paperwork

You are going to be carrying personal documents almost everywhere with you, especially when traveling and at the beginning of the semester. Organize them and make extra copies! When a professor or adviser asks for paperwork, prioritize submitting it ahead of the deadline. You can make copies at the library and at your international student office on campus.

  1. Practice self-care

Exercise, eat well, and spend time with others and by yourself. Do not hesitate to talk to a campus counselor and/or your World Learning adviser if you start feeling stressed or lonely.

  1. Embrace challenges

You’re surrounded by new things! As a result, you will experience culture shock and have some bad days. But, you are stronger than you realize and that means not only can you can handle challenges, but also know when to ask for help. Remember that everyone—your campus advisers, professors, and World Learning advisers—are here for you. Every challenge is a chance to grow!

  1. Prioritize friendships

If you’re looking for friends, then make sure to act like a good friend. In the words of a past participant, “be nice, be confident, be tolerant!”


Thanks so much to the 2018-19 Global UGRADs for sharing this excellent advice!