The Story of My Two Best Buddies

Xixellonje (middle) with fellow Global UGRAD students Sumaiya (left) and Farangiz (right)

In the vast and varied landscape of Florida I found true friendship. I met two girls from different corners of the world, one from Bangladesh, the other from Uzbekistan, and me from Kosovo. Our friendship started on Facebook a month before coming to the States. Fate was on our side to get chosen to study in Florida at Florida Gulf Coast University. Days and weeks passed slowly and the time for our life to change finally came. I had mixed feelings – excitement, nervousness, and fear to be all alone in a place that was unknown to me. Once I landed in Florida, I met my ‘virtual’ friends. Hugs, conversations, and thoughts were shared. Not long passed, but they made me feel at home. Not even once did I feel alone. I laugh with myself now and wonder – who would ever have thought that those girls would become so dear to my heart?

Friendship is meant to be real, with no fears – sharing laughs and tears when we met together. Hugging each other like siblings do, with full trust. Sharing laughs when nothing is funny, it is just us who got the giggles. Long conversations during day and night, in person and continuing them online when we were not together. The connections grew every day, and it saddens me to think that one day we will not see each other every day! Soon our roads will part, and we will be apart by distance, but never by heart. Sometimes it does not matter how long you have known some people, it might be a short period, but they can take a big place in your heart.

Global UGRAD gave me the opportunity to meet such friends, and make the kinds of friendships that I will always keep. Thank you Global UGRAD!


Written by Xixellonje Nebihu, 2018-2019 Global UGRAD student from Kosovo at Florida Gulf Coast University