Egypt Alumni Update by Islam Ayoub

2015-16 Global UGRAD student Islam Ayoub has created “The Kingdom” to provide a community for promoting cultural diversity and English learning. Below is Islam’s description of the program and its events:

Along with my teammates, we started The Kingdom ( The Kingdom is a diverse community for anyone who is interested in English or different ideas, cultures, and backgrounds to come together in one place and share their thoughts. Our current theme is having English sessions for two hours on a weekly basis, or in other words, English conversation sessions. The Knights (the organizers or the team members) are volunteering from different colleges to facilitate the sessions.

Photo of The Knights

What we do in our sessions: We started with one team in the Engineering college in the University of Kafrelsheikh, and we have expanded to have one more team in the Languages College and one more at the Pharmacy College. Next year, we are going to two more colleges. We have an average of 20 people in each of our sessions and a total of 45 knight (some of which are session leaders, and some of which are administrators).




One of the activities we did this year was to raise consciousness in the university, in cooperation with the student union of the college of science, about the importance of learning English. We spoke with 1000 + students. Here are some pictures from that event:

Check out this video from our Raising Consciousness event:

Written By Islam Ayoub, a 2015-2016 Global UGRAD student at Saginaw Valley State University