Bangladesh Alumni Update by Ukhengching Marma

Ukhengching joined as National Reports Assistant at the United Nations World Food Programme, Bangladesh to support the ongoing Ronhingya crisis, classifed as a Bangladesh Level 3 Emergency (CoxsBazar). In this role, Ukhengching provides research, reports, and recommendations to support relief efforts targeted at the Rohingya population.

She is also coordinating the AEIF 2017 winning project “Learning English Pathway to Progress” to develop English skills among 300 minority indigenous students from Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh.¬†The project will help improve their academic performance while reinforcing the benefit of strong English language skills in the globalized economy. Developing the human capital of these marginalized populations will also contribute to their social, economic, and political integration.

Ukhengching Marma was a Global UGRAD 16-17 student at Saint Catherine University

Ukhengching teaching a class for the Pathway to Progress program


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