Global UGRAD’s Favorite Words


This month we asked the Global UGRAD students what some of their favorite words are in both English and their own languages. Some love words because of the way they sound; others because there is no translation. Certain words inspire the Global UGRAD students to aim for their goals or feel good about their experiences. Zhanna Ateibek’s (University of Wisconsin, Green Bay) favorite word in her native language of Kazakh, is “Ai’nalai’yn” [ɅinɅlɅi:yn]. In her words, “the explanation of the word is almost the same as “Darling”, but below is a poem about it, so you will get the better understanding of the word.

“Ai’nalai’yn is a wonderful word,
It is a pity that the Russian will not understand him.
I’m ready to explain it again,
Only poorly the translation sounds.

Ai’nalai’yn, your lips,
Let it sounds ridiculous,
But in other words,
You can not replace him.

Do you remember Sergei Yesenin?
“Shagane, you are my Shagane”
Ai’nalai’yn – you will, remember!
Repeat the Ai’nalai’yn with me.

Let it be our password,
With your names and mine…
We Kazakhs with love and pain,
We speak about our beloved.
Ai’nalai’yn, I call you…

If you want to please me
Call me Ainalayin,
As Yesenin his Shagane”.

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