Mardi Gras in New Orleans

New Orleans has been as a second home to me since I arrived in the U.S., with a mesmerizing character that engulfs the city in such uniqueness. It’s world famous for its distinctive architectural history and style that goes back from French Creole to Spanish, set to impress anyone who would be fascinated by the patterns and style of the beautiful “Big Easy”.

I was fortunate to experience Mardi Gras personally as it has always been on my bucket list. The parades were a very marvelous experience that I fully enjoyed all the themes each float had. Going outside past midnight in a very crowded downtown amazed me in so many ways; I witnessed some magical scenes and met a lot of people.

New Orleans strongly prides itself with a way of life and charm. It’s a city that deeply lives in people’s hearts and their way of life. Food culture here is a lifestyle where people truly live to eat rather than eat to live and rich culinary variation combine old and new. I couldn’t be more grateful for having the ultimate chance to spend my exchange semester in this city.

Amine Demnati, Global UGRAD 2016-2017, Xavier University of Louisiana

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