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Amar Batkhuu (11-12) successfully graduated from the National University of Mongolia last June with a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations. He started working for Oyu Tolgoi LLC, the biggest mining company operating in Mongolia as a Cooperation Agreement Officer in the Regional Development and Social Performance department. Amar is currently working on developing a community agreement that would be the basis for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between the company and local community.

Chimgee Nergui (11-12) decided to put her English language knowledge to use and work as a tour guide.  She feels after her UGRAD program, she can relate better to foreigners because she can now see her country through a foreigner’s eyes.   In addition, she assisted the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar with their orientation for the American Fulbright English language teaching assistant students.  She is currently a junior, majoring “Technical English translation” and at her college, she is telling other students about her personal experience in US to encourage them to apply.

Read on for more updates from Mongolia and the Philippines.

Since Tugsjargal Jamsranjav (11-12) returned to Mongolia, she had two important achievements. First, she won a scholarship from one of the biggest companies in Mongolia MCS Group. Second, she was awarded a scholarship to participate in GIFSU (Georgian International Forum of Student Unions). During the summer, she worked as a guide and interpreter in Juulchin Cooperation of Mongolia. 


Pia Besmonte (11-12) is the current vice president for internal affairs at Philippine Normal University’s Debate Society and editor-in-chief of her department’s newsletter “The Literati.” She is rewriting the portfolio she made as a Global UGRAD scholar at Barnard College with plans to send it to publishing houses. She has stayed in touch with her international adviser and friends from Barnard. Pia also joined “PNU’s Mr. and Ms. Intramurals” and “received lots of love and support from my schoolmates” though she did not win. Her mother was recently hospitalized, but Pia said this two-week ordeal has strengthened her family’s bonds.

John Caldan Briones (11-12) is currently the Chairperson at the University of St. La Salle’s Commission on Elections. Under his leadership the USLS Comelec will hold a “Rock the Vote Concert” on November 23rd to raise awareness for the upcoming Philippine national elections in May 2013. John said the USLS Comelec is working with the USLS student government and major television network ABS-CBN’s Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo, “Patrol Your Nation.”

Dexter Juantala Caluza (11-12) is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree while preparing for the board examinations following his graduation in April 2013. He recently wrote an article about his Global UGRAD experience for Saint Louis University’s official publication the “Saint Louis Chronicle.”

Jonas Paul Dela Cruz (11-12) served for free as a math tutor for civil engineering freshmen at Mariano Marcos State University during the first semester of this academic year. Last July, he was a delegate at the environmental program “Denso Youth Earth Action” where he was an activist in a community in Quezon Province. He currently tutors public high school students at Banna National High School to help pay for his tuition for the second semester. At the same time he is active in his church where he teaches students. Jonas wants to make an impact in the lives of others.

Malcolm Flores (11-12) is currently the Director-General for the Ateneo School for Upcoming Leaders (ASUL), where he trains leaders of various student organizations in his university. Under Malcolm’s leadership, ASUL has forged partnerships with Xavier University’s central student government, college councils and the Asian Institute of Management to improve trainings for university student leaders.

Sam Durac Garcia (11-12) currently writes for his home city’s magazine, “The Academic Tribune” while still fulfilling his duties as global features editor at his university’s “The Crusader Publication.”  As a nursing student, Sam helps children with cleft lip/palettes at the medical mission, “Operation Smile.”

Malaya Negad (11-12) struggled in the first semester of this academic year and had to leave her university’s debate varsity, but she is happy to have passed all her classes. Malaya also reconnected with her fellow 2011Global UGRAD scholars: Malcolm, Amon and Sam at an alumni gathering at Cagayan de Oro on September 21st.

Amon Pacasem (11-12) recently attended a US state scholar alumni gathering at Cagayan de Oro where she saw her fellow Global UGRAD scholars: Sam, Malcolm and Malaya.

Jessica Santiago (11-12) is currently finishing her undergraduate thesis and will graduate this year with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She took a creative nonfiction class during the first semester to improve her writing skills after being inspired by the literary journalism course she took as a Global UGRAD student last spring.

Erika Ramos (10-11) represented her school at the Philippine National Health Research System Convention last August. The theme of the convention was “Sustaining Research Partnerships for Better Health,” and provided a venue for health researchers and development stakeholders to exchange ideas, voice concerns, and contribute research-based solutions to health problems in support of the country’s agenda.  As a pharmacy student, Erika was thrilled on how the research system in her country will improve in the future. Erika stated, “It is an honor to be part of this convention. This event greatly inspired me to do well on my undergraduate thesis so that maybe someday, I can light the spark of the upcoming potential pharmaceutical researches in our country.”

Erika Marie Ramos at the Convention

Marco Ramos (10-11) has just completed his internship program as a teacher of literature and grammar at one of Manila’s high schools. He is now taking capstone courses at Philippine Normal University in preparation for graduation in April, where he is expected to graduate with honors. When not busy with schoolwork, Marco volunteers at a not-for-profit organization which provides I.C.T. and livelihood training to people and their families with visual impairments.

Upon graduating with honors from her Broadcast Communication degree in the Philippines, Dale De Jesus (10-11) is now a copywriter for an advertising agency in the Philippines.  In only four months, she has written print ads and successfully aired two radio commercials.  She is hoping to score bigger brands and campaigns as she continues her passion as a creative writer.

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